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I created Kuby Kups as a hobby to keep me busy as a stay-at-home mom.  I started in 2019 doing some small craft shows here and there and have continued refining my technique while experimenting with new designs and methods (glitter, vinyl, fabric, hydrodipping, etc).


​I live in Midlothian with my husband, 2 daughters, and a couple of hound dogs.  As my children grew, I have turned this hobby into a small business that has kept me busy but also gave me the flexibility to be involved with all the extracurricular activities of the family.


​After several years of making tumblers, I wanted to branch out into something a little different as well.  You see, resin likes heat, so when I am in my tumbler room the heater is set to 80*.  I wanted something that I could do that wouldn't make me sweat.  So I jumped on the bead wagon.  I now make wristlets, keychains, pens, car charms and lanyards as well as tumblers.​Thanks for visiting my site!  If you have ideas for custom, one of a kind gifts, let me help you create one that fits your style.

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